Land acquired to build Buddha Vihar in John Peta village

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Land acquired to build Buddha Vihar in John Peta village
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Land acquired to construct Buddha vihar by the Navayan Buddhist Society, For over 50 years some of the John Peta villagers depended on the traditional meat business, over the time john Peta village expanded and Kabela ( Animal slaughter House ) came into village surroundings, With animal waste rotting around Kabela nearby villagers suffered a lot with Smell and Health issues, John Peta youth association fought for Shifting kabela far from the village to stop spreading seasonal diseases and smell from rotting leftover animal meat from kabela. This settlement was mediated by Kaikaluru town Sub Inspector Sri Shanmukha Sai garu in October 2020.

After a very long fight with meat traders, 20 cents of land where Kabela is located was handed over to the village development committee of John Peta, for development purposes.

John Peta Youth Association is a Village development committee that also administers the Navayan Buddhist Society. The same land acquired from the Kabela will be used for constructing Buddha vihar by the Navayan Buddhist Society in John Peta village.

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