ambedkar knowledge center


The idea of creating the Ambedkar Knowledge Center and Prabuddha Cultural Center was initiated by the John Peta Youth Association and Navayan Buddhist Society, NGO's based in John Peta Dalit Village. It was born out of a vision to empower Dalit Bahujan communities in India with education and technical skills to help them thrive in modern society.


Navayan Buddhist Society & John Peta Youth Association was registered in 2020 to Initiate The Ambedkar Knowledge Center project as a non-profit organization to provide educational facilities to downtrodden Dalit communities and improve their social well-being.

LAND Acquisition

Through the generous support of Kaikaluru MLA Shri Dulam Nageswara Rao, and the Atapaka Grama Panchayat Sarpanch Smt. Talari John Mani and her husband, Treasurer of AKC Sri Talari John, 6.5 cents of land was acquired to establish the Ambedkar Knowledge Center.

1. Ambedkar Knowledge Center 3D Models - Front View

ARchitecure Designs

Architectural designs were created for the Ambedkar Knowledge Center to ensure it would be a modern and functional facility that meets the needs of students and the community.


The foundation stone laying ceremony for the Ambedkar Knowledge Center and Prabuddha Cultural Center will be laid on April 23rd, 2023, the coming Sunday after Ambedkar Jayanti, which will mark the beginning of the construction phase.


Funds were raised from generous donors and supporters to help finance the construction of the Ambedkar Knowledge Center.


The construction phase of the Ambedkar Knowledge Center is set to commence after the successful completion of fundraising. During this phase, the center's building will be constructed, and the necessary infrastructure will be put in place. The construction will be carried out by experienced professionals under the guidance of our architects, ensuring that the building is safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.


APRIL 14th 2024 AMBEDKAR JAYANTHI After the completion of the construction phase, the Ambedkar Knowledge Center will be inaugurated. This event will be a momentous occasion and will mark the beginning of a new era in the lives of the Dalit Bahujan communities in India. The inauguration will be attended by local dignitaries, government officials, and supporters of the project.


Once the center is inaugurated, the first batch of students will be enrolled. These students will be from Dalit Bahujan communities in and around Kaikaluru Constituency, and they will receive technical and artistic skills training to supplement their formal education. The center aims to equip these students with the necessary skills for early career success, dignity, and self-sufficiency.


The first marriage held at the Commmunity Hall at Ground Floor will be a momentous occasion, marking a new beginning for the center and the community it serves. The center not only aims to provide technical and artistic skills training to students from Dalit villages, but also intends to become a hub for social activities, including marriages. The center recognizes the significance of social marriages, as well as inter-caste and inter-faith marriages, in promoting unity and harmony within communities. The spacious hall and beautiful surroundings of the center make it an ideal location for such events, and the first marriage will be a joyous occasion for all involved, setting the stage for many more to come.