Donation Request



Here is a request from the Navayan Buddhist Society to build a Buddhist temple & Ambedkar Knowledge center seeking donations for the ongoing construction activity.

John Peta is a Dalit village where downtrodden people live under severe poverty. Considering the Social issues and Devotional and Education needs Navayan Buddhist Society, a charitable Institution, in the interest of the public, has acquired land from the revenue department and decided to construct a Buddhist Temple along with Ambedkar Knowledge center which includes Free Computer Lab, Reading Room, and Library for the benefit of the public.

The Plan for the Buddhist Temple project has already been approved by the Revenue Authorities. The total amount needed for completion of the project is estimated at Ten Lakh Rupees. Our request to well-wishers, Ambedkarites, and Buddhists is that once the construction work is taken up in hand, the progress of work should not be at standstill for wanting funds. May we, through this website, request you through this platform,  We also take this opportunity to appeal to you to contribute your mite which will help us to complete the project soon.

What is the Navayan Buddhist Society?

‘Navayan’ means “New Vehicle” is a word given by Dalit Strong Man Dr. BR Ambedkar for his proposed rational way of Buddhism.

Navayan Buddhist Society (Regd) is a non-profit organization. It runs under John Peta Youth Association (Village Development Committee) and its registered office located at 1-169, John Peta, Kaikaluru Mandal, Krishna District, Andhrapradesh, India – 521333.

Its main focus is to uplift downtrodden people by supporting them in Education by Building Libraries, Computer Labs to give support in Education, Employment along with Buddhist Temples, and to promote Buddhism to teach Ambedkarism among Dalit and Minority communities of India.

Navayan Buddhist society focuses to Build Buddhist temples across India mainly where Dalit communities live and build Ambedkar’s Knowledge centers in the premises of Buddhist Temples.

We committed to building a Buddhist temple and Ambedkar’s Knowledge center It’s our first step towards a Giant leap,  A Buddhist Temple for followers of Buddha and his Noble Teachings and along with this Buddha’s Temple, Ambedkar’s Knowledge center is attached with Library and a Computer lab to facilitate and to train Poor Students and Job aspirants from oppressed communities of John Peta and other surrounding villages.

What can you do for this cause?

We are currently raising funds for the construction of a Buddhist Temple, and an Amebedkar’s Knowledge center (Library and a Computer Lab) attached to it.

You can donate towards the construction of a Buddhist temple or an Ambedkar’s Knowledge centers initiative. For more information or to get involved in this exciting project, please send us a WhatsApp message or call directly in from the contact section.

Our Organization depended on the kindness and generosity of our donors, who have been inspired by Dr. BR Ambedkar and Buddha. If you feel inspired to make a donation, you may do so in person at the Donation page or Direct Bank Transfer provides an easy and secure way to make a donation.

Since the inception of the NBS monthly donation program, a collective of donors, the Patrons have pledged to match all scheduled recurring contributions. When you become a recurring donor, whether it be monthly or annually, your contributions are automatically doubled. NBS relies on this steady source of income to meet its commitments. We encourage anyone who wishes to make a contribution to sign up for recurring donations.

         As we are run completely by volunteers and have no paid priests or employees, we keep our expenses low so that your donation will go as far as possible. If you have any questions about donating to the Temple or Ambedkar’s Knowledge Center or need more assistance, please call/WhatsApp to the President at +91 9492739099 or send an email to

 Financial Need

We are currently in need of funds for the following 2 phases


We are currently in need of funds for the following 2 phases


Donating towards the temple helps to cover Buddha’s Statue, Construction of the Temple at John Peta Village.  



Donating towards Ambedkar’s Knowledge center helps cover purchases like Computers, Furniture, and other Required electronics to run the computer lab as well as maintenance and upkeep of the NBS.


Donating towards the Library helps to buy Library Furniture, Books, Monthly News Papers, and Magazine subscriptions.


You can  Sponsor for One Dollar cost of Brick or a Buddhas Statue, or a Computer for the Ambedkar Knowledge Center, Furniture, or a set of books for the library. or you can contribute monthly to cover News Paper or Power bills and Other Maintenance.  for any Queries about it please drop a mail or send a WhatsApp message to President PH: +91 9492739099

How You Can Get Involved? 


For Buddhist Temple construction and furniture, Statue, and other amenities.


₹ 20 Lakhs


Books, Library racks, Desk’s and other Library furniture


₹ 5 Lakhs


20 Computers and a Projector and Other Electroinc Equipments and furniture for Computer lab at Buddha Vihar.


₹ 10 Lakhs