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Project NAVAYAN is a non-profit organization working to bridge the educational gap for Dalit Bahujan communities in India.

Pilot Project: We are on a mission to create a groundbreaking learning facility for underprivileged communities, integrating cutting-edge technologies from Artificial Intelligence to Machine Learning. Project NAVAYAN, guided by the Changemakers Network, is spearheading this initiative to establish a sophisticated venue for comprehensive learning.

Join Us in Empowering Communities

Become a part of our strong Changemakers community and contribute to the fight for human rights and equality. Join our donors' family and support our mission to empower marginalized communities.

Empowering Dalit Bahujan Communities Through Modern Education

Ambedkar knowledge Center

  • Students from downtrodden  communities can learn cutting-edge knowledge and skills from a young age through a dedicated volunteer system, both online and offline, to help marginalized communities thrive and reach their full potential in today’s digital world.
  • Global changemakers serve as mentors, guiding students towards reaching their full potential.
  • A dedicated volunteer system offers online and offline learning opportunities for students from a young age.
  • The pilot project is being built in the John Peta Settlement, Eluru District, Kaikaluru Constituency.

Prabuddha Cultural Center

  • The Prabuddha Cultural Center being built in the pilot project is considered a “Buddha Vihar”.
  • It provides a platform for free inter-caste, inter-religious, and ideal marriages.
  • It serves as a venue for workshops, student meetings, cultural events, and cultural festivals.
  • The facility will be available to bring people from different backgrounds together to promote harmony and development among Dalit Bahujans and build community.

Social Outreach System - SOS Network

  • The SOS Network is a key component of the Changemakers Network.
  • Registered activists from all states and districts of India provide emergency assistance to victims during times of crisis.
  • Victims or volunteers can access the SOS page on the NAVAYAN.org website.
  • Here, they can search for local activists in the Changemakers Network and send them urgent SOS messages.
  • Changemakers provide legal and moral support to the victims.
  • This innovative platform encourages a rapid and effective response to immediate social concerns, promoting solidarity and positive change.

Why Your Support Matters

Your Donations Make a Difference:

Join us in this transformative journey towards a more just and equitable society where hunger, poverty, and discrimination are replaced by opportunity, knowledge, and human dignity. Make a lasting impact today.

  • Donations directly support construction of the Ambedkar Knowledge Center and Prabuddha Cultural Center, providing modern education and promoting social development.
  • By empowering individuals through education, you help create a future filled with opportunity and dignity.
  • Become a Beacon of Hope:
  • Join our community of donors and be recognized for your contribution.
  • Your name will be displayed on our Donors Wall and Project Premises as a symbol of your commitment.


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