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Navayan Buddhist Society acquired land from Grama Panchayat for construction of the Ambedkar Knowledge Centre in John Peta, a Dalit village in Andhra Pradesh, India. The building’s plan includes a Buddha Vihar an Advanced computer lab, a World-class library, and a conference room for students. The Navayan Buddhist Society maintains these premises, which are known as Buddha Vihar.


Kolleru Bird Sanctuary is only a minute walk from this facility, surrounded by a lot of greenery and a vast variety of landscaping that further enhances the aesthetics of the place. At this Buddha Vihar, you will find Buddha Statues, Ambedkar Statue and other Social reformers.


Computer lab and Library: On the second floor, you will find a world-class digital library with workstations and access to the e-library with around 1 million e-resources. For research and study, the library has a special section on Dr Ambedkar and Buddhism. In addition, there is a computer centre for conducting research.

open letter

Dear Friends and Wellwishers, 

Welcome to the Ambedkar Knowledge Centre, Which is being built by the Navayan Buddhist Society of John Peta village Kaikaluru, Krishna District, AP, India – 521333.

I’m Inviting you to contribute to the establishment of the Ambedkar Knowledge Center, which will enable students from Dalit and Minority Backgrounds to obtain a World-Class education by the time they graduate. AKC helps downtrodden students from Dalit villages to gain better placements by interacting with mentors to offer world-class training and assistance.

Ambedkar Knowledge Centre has been set up as an intellectual wing of  Navayan Buddhist Society, We are planning to build a world-class computer lab in this Knowledge Center as well as a comprehensive library,  for students.  The broad objective of the AKC is to provide well-equipped facilities for learning and development. It is a world-class Training centre that will serve as a centre for social change initiatives, learnings, cultural and economic developments, conferences, celebrations, and the propagation of Dr B. R. Ambedkar’s philosophy and Navayan Buddhism throughout Dalit Villages in India.

This is also a great opportunity for us to make a path to truly understand the greatness of Dr B.R. Ambedkar, a man much ahead of his time and whose thinking and ideas if they had become reality, would have transformed our country. 




Vijay Kumar vangalapudi
Vijay Kumar V