Land Acquisition for Ambedkar Knowledge Center and Buddha Vihar Project by NAVAYAN

Ambedkar Knowledge Center team Receiving Land Allocation letter from Atapaka Village Sarpanch Smt Talari John Mani

Land acquisition plays a pivotal role in the realization of any significant project, and the journey of the Ambedkar Knowledge Center (AKC) project, spearheaded by the Navayan Buddhist Society, is no different.

In our pursuit of securing the land required for the AKC project, the Navayan team sought the support of our local MLA, Sri Dulam Nageswara Rao. Recognizing the immense value and impact of the AKC initiative, he generously allocated 6.5 cents of land to facilitate the project’s construction. With his unwavering support, we ventured to approach the Atapaka grama panchayat, situated in the heart of the John Peta settlement.

After months of dedicated efforts and collaboration, the Navayan team received the much-awaited allotment letters. These letters, symbolizing the realization of a collective dream, were presented to our society’s president, Vijay, and his dedicated team by none other than the Atapaka sarpanch, Talari John Mani.

This allocation of land stands as a momentous milestone in the journey of the AKC project, a milestone made possible through the tireless efforts of our local MLA and the invaluable support of the Atapaka grama panchayat. The Navayan team extends its heartfelt gratitude to these key stakeholders for their instrumental roles in transforming this vision into a tangible reality.

The AKC project is set to provide an array of vital facilities, including a state-of-the-art computer lab, a modern library, a serene reading room, and an efficient conference room. These amenities are designed to offer educational opportunities and much-needed social support to the underprivileged Dalit communities. It is our collective mission to dismantle the pervasive cycle of social and educational inequality that continues to affect countless lives across India.

The Navayan Buddhist Society remains steadfast in its commitment to the principles of social justice and equality. The AKC project stands as a cornerstone of this mission, and with the successful acquisition of land, we are one significant step closer to delivering essential educational opportunities and unwavering support to underprivileged communities.

We extend a warm invitation to individuals who share our passion for social justice and our dedication to crafting a brighter world for all. Join us in this transformative mission and contribute to the construction of the AKC project. Together, we have the power to create meaningful change and empower underprivileged communities to unlock their full potential.

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