Empowering Sanitation Workers: A Step Towards Equality and Recognition

In a landmark move, the sanitation workers of Atapaka Panchayat are embarking on a transformative journey – casting their votes for the first time, receiving government-subsidized rice, and progressing towards securing permanent residences. This not only marks a significant milestone for these individuals but also makes them eligible for various government schemes, mirroring the rights […]

JPTFCS 17 – Update on John Peta Society Land Issue: Recent Developments

In the continuing struggle for our village’s land rights, today, a representation was made by our society elders Rafaelu and Salman, along with the RDO and Collector of Eluru, regarding the land issue concerning our village society. Following the orders of the Krishna District Collector and the Gudivada RDO, a survey was conducted last month […]

JPTFCS 15 – Representation to Eluru Collector and Eluru DFO via Spandana.

A significant development took place today under the guidance of the Eluru Collector. During the Spandana program, compelling evidence, including maps featuring GPS points highlighting the illegal possession of the lands, was submitted to the Collector by Vijay Vangalapudi. Subsequently, the newly appointed Deputy Forest Officer of Eluru was briefed on the intricacies of the […]

JPTFCS 13 – 17-Year Struggle for the Reclamation of John Peta Society Lands

For the past 17 years, the John Peta Youth Association has been steadfastly fighting against the Forest Department to reclaim the lands belonging to the John Peta Society, which have been unlawfully held by the department. As a breakthrough in this enduring struggle, the Krishna district collector had recently ordered a land re-survey, signifying a […]

JPTFCS 11 – Representation to RDO Gudiwada Regarding Illegal Seizure of Dalit Lands by the Forest Department: The Fight Continues

In a recent development concerning the land issue in John Peta, the villagers found themselves struggling against the illegal seizure of their lands by the Forest Department. A significant portion of the land, which rightfully belonged to the Dalit community, was reportedly reserved without proper procedures being followed, leading to a prolonged battle for justice. […]