Project NAVAYAN – Human Rights Initiative NGO launched on International Human Rights Day!

Hyderabad, December 10, 2023: On the occasion of International Human Rights Day, a group of human rights activists and educators gathered at the School of Rock Music School to launch the brochure and website of Project NAVAYAN – Human Rights Initiative NGO. Project NAVAYAN’s mission: Project NAVAYAN NGO, which started with the slogan “Equal […]

They Deserve Human Rights to Live in Dignity | Special Aadhaar Camp Organized for Atapaka Village Sanitation Workers by Project Navayan

Kaikaluru/Eluru: Project Navayan orchestrated a special Aadhaar camp at the residences of sanitation workers in Atapaka village, emphasizing its commitment to safeguarding the basic human rights of the most marginalized sections of society. Founder President of Project Navayan, Vijay Vangalapudi, underscored the significance of the initiative, stating, “This camp is a critical step towards ensuring […]