John Peta Youth Association: Spreading Smiles and Good Health.

Introduction: In a touching display of community service, the John Peta Youth Association celebrated its third anniversary by spreading joy and well-being. The newly elected Board members embarked on a benevolent mission to bring comfort to those in need. They distributed fresh fruits and nutritious bread pockets to 100 patients at the Kaikaluru Government Hospital.

Sudhir Rayinutala’s Inspiring Message: Sudhir Rayinutala, the recently elected President of the John Peta Youth Association, took center stage during this significant event. With passion, he shared the organization’s core values and goals. Sudhir highlighted that the John Peta Youth Association, also known as the Village Development Committee, embodies principles of self-governance, self-sufficiency, and an unwavering commitment to addressing local issues. The Association serves as a guiding light for innovative solutions to the challenges faced by villagers. It further promotes education and knowledge sharing through the establishment of the Ambedkar Knowledge Centre and Buddha Vihar, initiated by the Navayan Buddhist Society. These initiatives draw inspiration from the visionary Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

Vijay Kumar Vangalapudi’s Vision: Vijay Kumar Vangalapudi, the Founder and General Secretary of the John Peta Youth Association, extended warm congratulations to the newly elected Youth Association team. He expressed hope that this dedicated team would carry forward the legacy and spirit instilled by the Association, addressing a multitude of community challenges. The event served as a call for unity and collective efforts toward building a stronger and more empowered John Peta village.

A Joint Endeavor: The Food distribution program witnessed active participation from core members within the Youth Association. Founder and General Secretary Vijaya Kumar Vangalapudi, President Sudhir Rayinutala, alongside Executive Directors Samuel Karavalla and Rajasekhar Kunavarapu, graced the event with their presence. Suresh Palaparthi, Ramu Regisetti, Boora Danny, Indla Kiran, Yaswanth Velpula, and other dedicated members of the Youth Association worked tirelessly to ensure the resounding success of the food donation program.

A Pledge to Serve: The John Peta Youth Association remains unwavering in its commitment to serving the community. As they commemorate three years of dedicated service, the Association eagerly anticipates a future filled with continued endeavors to make a positive impact on the lives of those they serve.

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