Building a Better Future: The Journey of John Peta Youth Association

Introducing John Peta Youth Association: A Village Development Committee and Youth Organization

John Peta Youth Association is a legally registered youth association that has been fully operational for the past two years as of April 2022. Its foundation, however, was laid ten years ago. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the founder of the organization Vijay Kumar Vangalapudi shifted from Hyderabad to his hometown of John Peta. This move gave the youth of the village an opportunity to organize the activities of the Youth Association on a full scale.

The main objectives of the Youth Association are centered on the development and self-governance of John Peta village. The association strives for self-sufficiency and aims to solve non-criminal problems within the village without the involvement of outsiders. Furthermore, the Youth Association seeks to increase literacy and lay the foundations for imparting global education.

Over the past two years, John Peta Youth Association has made significant progress towards its goals. Here are some of the noteworthy achievements:

  1. 30 Acres of Village Society Property: The Youth Association collaborated with Kaikaluru MLA, Mr. DNR, to reclaim 30 acres of Fish Farming land belonging to the John Peta Fishermen Society. The land had been occupied by the forest for 18 years. The land has been re-surveyed and the survey report that the land belongs to John Peta village has been sent to the district collector. The Youth Association is currently fighting with Forest Department to reclaim the lost land.
  •  Buddha Vihar: Due to the lack of Hindu temples in the village, revenue officers were making it difficult to issue SC certificates, which was causing financial loss and working days for villagers. To address this problem, the Youth Association registered the “Navayan Buddhist Society”, which was the first step towards practising Nayayana Buddhism prescribed by B.R Ambedkar to the Dalit Bahujans of India. The land required for the construction of a Buddha Vihar for free ideal marriages, community membership and spiritual needs through this organization was procured by the Gram Panchayat under the direction of Kaikaluru MLA Shri Dulam Nageswara Rao. The foundation for the Buddha Vihar will be laid soon.
  • Ambedkar Knowledge Center (AKC) The Ambedkar Knowledge Centre will play a key role in the development of the village as a center for the education and development of the people of the constituency along with John Peta village. The building is constructed by the Navayan Buddhist Society REGD.NO:132/2020 which is run by the John Peta Youth Association team. Headed. Through this, a computer lab, a library with modern facilities, a training and conference room will be set up to teach basic to advanced computer concepts to the village youth free of charge. The foundation program for Ambedkar Knowledge Center will be held very soon.
  • The John Peta Youth Association aims to address the issues within the village by providing a platform for conflict resolution. Prior to the formation of the Youth Association, villagers in John Peta would seek the help of upper-caste elders to settle small disputes that were non-criminal in nature. However, after the formation of the Youth Association, which also functions as a Village Development Committee, villagers no longer need to rely on upper-caste households for settling small disputes. The Youth Association team now takes the initiative to solve the problems faced by the villagers. The team works alongside village elders to resolve conflicts and takes an active role in resolving the issues. By promoting community involvement and providing a safe space for dispute resolution, the John Peta Youth Association has greatly improved the village by saving time and resources.
  • Social problem: The Youth Association is setting up small scale industries in the village to provide respectable employment opportunities. They are also laying foundations through voluntary organizations/corporate companies for women from John Peta village to work outside their homes as a matter of self-respect. These activities will be done centrally and the necessary land acquisition will be done with the blessings of Kaikaluru MLA Shri DNR. (Full details about this project will be published soon)
  • The Representation Youth Association has repeatedly informed the district collector of the need to recognize John Peta village (from FCI GoDown to Vijayalakshmi Theater) as a separate panchayat, and the Association is willing to lead the effort. In addition, the youth association has undertaken several important activities over the past two years, including addressing the drainage problem and the slaughterhouse problem in John Peta, distributing food essentials during the lockdown, providing food to flood victims during the Rainy season, and running a rehabilitation camp Etc…

Team John Peta: A Village Youth Association Dedicated to Community Development

John Peta Youth Association is a team of dedicated individuals who are working towards the betterment of the Dalits in the Telugu states of India. The association comprises a team of leaders, coordinators, and volunteers who bring with them experience in various fields, such as technology, media, and social movements.

The founder and secretary of the association, Vijay Kumar Vangalapudi, has been involved in Dalit, human rights, and rationalism movements for over a decade. His experience in these areas has helped lay the foundation for the John Peta Youth Association, Navayan Buddhist society.

Madan Kummarikunta, the president of the association, has been leading the activities of the Atapaka Gram Panchayat for ten years. His experience and leadership skills have helped him become an effective leader for the John Peta Youth Association.

Satish Kunavarapu, the vice president of the association, has experience as a follower of Kaikaluru MLA Shri Dulam Nageswara Rao, YSRCP party worker, social media moderator, and member of the Kaikaluru senior cricket team. His leadership skills have proven invaluable to the association.

The executive team and coordinators, Bhanu Prakash Rayanuthala and Ravi Vangevarapu, have experience in their roles as VDC Members at John Peta Peta Village. The association is also supported by an accountant, Suresh Palaparthi, and a core team comprising Panem Kiran, Vijay Rayinoothala, Raja Masipogu, Seshu Masipogu, and others. In addition, there are numerous volunteers who contribute their time and efforts towards the development of the village.

The Youth Association is committed to the development of the John Peta village and seeks the support of friends, well-wishers, leaders, and officials. The association has completed two years since its inception, and Kaikaluru MLA Mr. Dulam Nageswara Rao has been a strong supporter of the association’s activities. The association expresses its gratitude to all those who have supported them, including MPP Adavi Krishna, Atapaka President Talari John, and others.

The John Peta Youth Association is only at the beginning of its long journey towards the development of the village. The association hopes to make a positive impact on the community and encourages all those who share their vision to support their efforts.

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