Navayan Buddhist Society Founder Visits Kakinada Buddha Vihar for Inspiration

The Navayan Buddhist Society, founded by Vijay Kumar Vangalapudi, is on a mission to build a Buddha Vihar and an Ambedkar Knowledge Center in John Peta village. To achieve this goal, the society is actively seeking inspiration and guidance from several Buddha Vihar administrators in India.

As part of this initiative, Vijay Kumar Vangalapudi recently visited the Kakinada Buddha Vihar to learn about their management strategies, goals, construction methods, and challenges. During the meeting, Vijay also shared details about the John Peta Buddha Vihar project and thanked the administrators for sharing their valuable knowledge and books.

This exchange of ideas and information is crucial for building a strong foundation for the construction of the Buddha Vihar’s. The Navayan Buddhist Society is dedicated to ensuring that the Ambedkar Knowledge Center and Buddha Vihar in John Peta village serve as models for sustainable development and spiritual growth.

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