Educational Initiatives

Education is at the core of everything we do. We believe education is the great equalizer–when children have knowledge about the world, they are empowered to change it. Navayan Buddhist Society has three key educational programs:

1. Global Scholarships Program: Also known as “Ambedkar Scholarships”, this initiative was initially designed to support Dalit students from economically, socially, and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. They never get encouraged despite their hard work. Since 2003, Navayan Buddhist Society has provided thousands of scholarships. Our various scholarship programs reach students in need across the world, mainly in South Asia and North America.

2. Parimala Program: we enable children from slum communities enter mainstream education by setting up academic support systems to prepare them for Government & Social Welfare Schools.

3.University Program: we provide financial and academic support to ensure a pathway to and through university for marginalized students.

4. Connects Program: we empower unprivileged school students in India by creating exchange and connections with students of US and Canada.