Our connection to our history and heritage are our biggest strengths. In addition to education and skills development, we invest in a host of cultural development programs.

1. Arts & Music Enrichment: we provide opportunities for students to explore creative expression and pursue their passions across various arts and musical fields.

2. Sports & Extracurricular Support: we believe sports and extracurriculars can be a vital channel for motivation, empowerment, and hope. We provide students with access to a variety of activities that help them attain their true potential.

3. Ambedkar Awards: we recognize extraordinary leaders and activists within our community to honour their struggle in the service of the next generation.

4. Local Knowledge Production & Community Storytelling: in response to the lack of investment in local knowledge, we work to preserve our histories and stories to inspire the next generation of youth.

5. Community Storytelling: we support projects that highlight the experiences of marginalized communities and give our people a voice.

6. Helping & Healing Hands: we help caste atrocity victims, especially those ignored by the media and government, with economic support.